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At Jazmondy dog grooming we provide a full range of care for your best friend



  • Consultation

  • Clipping

  • Scissoring

  • Hand Stripping

  • Bathing

  • Nails

  • Grooming

  • De-shedding



With all new clients or new dogs we will hold a free consultation with the owner. We would discuss various issues about any special requirements or medical issues that we should know. It is also a useful time to discuss styles and trims required and any other matters relating to the dogs temperament or types of shampoo or coat treatments required. We would then record this information on our record system for further use when  your dog comes back to us.

Clipping & Scissoring

For cut breeds we clip and scissor to get the correct breed shape and look for your dog. If you own a breed that requires hand stripping we will discuss with you the best economic way forward depending on the breed and your requirment. Some terrier coats are hand stripped to keep the texture and coat colour, this is a requirement for show dogs, but can be quite time consuming and costly. For a pet cut you can compromise between the two to achieve an acceptable result. This will be discussed at the consultation stage.

Hand Stripping

We do offer a hand stripping service to our clients. We have experience with hand stripped terrier breeds for show and carry out this in the traditional way. Should you require your dog to be hand stripped we will give you an estimate once we have looked at your dogs coat. 


Our charges always include the bathing of your dog. depending on coat type will determine the type of shampoo required to achieve the best coat condition for you dog. There are many types of shampoo on the market these days, we tend to use the more natural products where possible. We will also bath your dog as a separate service if required, please enquire for pricing for bathing only.

Nails & Ears

Included within our grooming service would be clipping of your dogs nails if required and cleaning of debris from ears. For ears we use a special vetinary ear wash and remove any excess ear canal hair to help prevent any infection. For nails we will either clip or grind the nails to the correct length.

General Grooming

As a separate service we will brush, comb, bath and trim your dogs nails, applicable  to frequently groomed and well maintained dogs.





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